Original version 2:33 Gaelic 1991
New version 2:55 English/Gaelic 1992

Liner notes

I am collecting diaries more and more and I continue to be intrigued by thepossibilities of each blank page – what will it hold? I experience a mixture of sadness and exuberance when I think of lives laid out on a page or in a book. Personal histories of great loves, of journeys exotic and wonderful, of loss, fear and tragedy, of dreams and simple wishes.

notes by Roma Ryan
Shepherd Moons music book, 1991

“Book of Days” was adapted from its original instrumental form as it first appeared on the album “Shepherd Moons”, for the Ron Howard film “Far and Away” which starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The lyrics were written around the theme of the film.

notes by Roma Ryan
Only Time:The Collection, 2002

Quotes about the song

Sometimes Roma is deciphering Enya’s own internal life and experiences. ‘Book of Days’ is derived from Enya’s personal diaries. “I’ve always had a diary, or another name for it is a ‘Book of Days,'” says Enya. “Roma felt, ‘what about ‘Book of Days’ because you believe so much in it, in having a Book of Days.’ And the lyrics, in Gaelic, are talking about the excitement of entering into a book of days first thing in the morning. Because you don’t really know what’s going to happen. And then it’s the expectation of that day really that she was talking about.”
Jazziz Magazine, 1992

Enya: Well there is a strong theme of ‘book of days’, because I have a book of days, a diary. And I’ve always kept one. And it was Roma’s suggestion again. Ah, she likes to be able to associate with me, because I’m the one who’s going to sing. There is some Gaelic in it.. in the instrumental version.. and it talks about the beginning of the day and the excitement, the expectations, one has. And it’s the eagerness of what is to become of this day. And when Ron Howard approached us, for the film Far and Away, it was similar in a way because there were these two people, and we watch their ‘book of days’, their diary, of how they met up and how they went across to America. And so it was quite easy to interpret the lyrics with the song, because it was still associated with the theme that was originally there.
One To One, ITV, 1993


Enya originally recorded ‘Book of Days’ in Gaelic with a lot of vocalisation. When Ron Howard approached her to write a song for his upcoming movie ‘Far and Away,’ Enya re-recorded ‘Book of Days’ with English lyrics that turned around the theme of the film. The new version was consequently released as a single and replaced the original Gaelic one on almost all the pressings of the album (Taiwan retained the Gaelic version).

The song was used in the first trailer for James Cameron’s 1997 ‘Titanic’ film before the actual soundtrack was composed.


single cover

01 Book of Days [English]
02 As Baile
03 Morning Glory

Music Video

The video, directed by Michael Geoghegan, features scenes from the ‘Far and Away’ movie starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. It was not included on ‘The Video Collection’ nor ‘The Very Best of Enya.’ ‘The Video Collection’ replaced it with a ‘Top of the Pops’ performance and ‘The Very Best of Enya’ completely omitted the song.


Venue Date Details
Top of the Pops (UK) July 23, 1992 Lip-synced
World Music Awards (Monaco) May 14,1992 Lip-synced

English/Gaelic lyrics

One day, one night, one moment
– my dreams could be tomorrow.
One step, one fall, one falter,
East or West, over earth or by ocean,
one way to be my journey;
-this way could be my book of days..

O la go la, mo thuras,
An bealach fada romham.
O oiche go hoich, mo thuras,
na scealta na mbeidh a chioch.

No day, no night, no moment
will hold me back from trying,
I’ll fly, I’ll fall, I’ll falter,
I’ll find my day – maybe far and away…

One day, one night, one moment
with a dream to believe in.
One step, one fall, one falter,
found a new earth across a wide ocean.
This way became my journey.
This day ends together – far and away.
This day ends together – far and away.
Far and away.

lyrics by Roma Ryan
EMI Music Publishing Ltd, 1991