As Enya news are scarce, she doesn’t have many sites and blogs dedicated to her. Moreover, most of those still online are not updated anymore. But don’t despair, just like when it comes to her albums, it’s a matter of quality over quantity.

My recommendations

Book of Days
Book of Days

This site contains the most comprehensive collection of Enya articles and interview transcripts on the web. You’ll also find original content written by the webmistress TreeCat and other Unity members.

Music of Dreams
Music of Dreams

This was the first Enya site I’ve ever visited, and it’s so good that I thought it was the official one. Don’t forget to check Simone’s impressive picture archive.

The official home of ‘Enya’ reunites sites dedicated to all members of the creative trio. See also:,

Other websites

  • Sail Away
    Italian blog about Enya. Very up-to-date.
  • Silver Willows
    Polish Enya fansite. Still in construction but looking promising.
  • Enya Fan Studio
    American Enya fansite. No longer updated.