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Enya on Christmas Carols from Cork

Enya appeared on RTÉ’s one-hour Christmas Carols from Cork TV special, performing three songs and briefly chatting to the host Mary Kennedy. The performance was pre-recorded in November 2016 in the historic Honan Chapel at University College Cork (UCC). Like …

New vinyl editions announced for this autumn

Enya fans might finally be able to get their hands on the long-awaited vinyl editions of Watermark, Shepherd Moons and The Memory of Trees. The vinyls were originally scheduled for earlier this year but got postponed for an …

A Conversation With Enya About Sampling, The Nature Of Fame, And How To Control Your Career

Enya’s nine albums are the audio equivalent of a National Geographic calendar. When gods hit play on celestial Spotify, flowers bloom, clouds part, babies are born and a hundred aromatherapy candles flutter. People claim tunes like 1988 single “Orinoco Flow” …

Leo Brennan, Enya’s father, died

Leo Brennan, father of Enya and members of Clannad, died on Wednesday morning. Mr Brennan, who was aged 90, had been ill for some time and died at home in Gweedore, Co Donegal surrounded by his family.

A credible musician …

Download a new wallpaper inspired by ‘Astra et Luna’! [ full-size version ]…

Five months with Dark Sky Island

It’s been five months since we got the long-awaited Enya album and a lot has happened since then. The new ‘Dark Sky Island’ album page I finished this weekend summarizes the most important information. I also updated text and pictures …

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Enya: Echoes in Rain
Echoes in Rain Official

November 2015

Enya: Even in the Shadows Lyric video
Even in the Shadows Lyric

February 2016

Enya: The Humming
The Humming

November 2015

Enya: Echoes in Rain
Echoes in Rain Lyric

October 2015


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