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Space Celts & A Voyage Into The Avant-Garde: Enya Interviewed

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Thought Enya was naff? Think again, says Luke Turner as he speaks to Enya and argues that her music is some of the most successful avant-garde pop of all time…

The Keys to Enya’s Kingdom

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Over the course of three decades and 80 million records sold, Enya has morphed into more than musician: She’s her own adjective. What makes her music — and the mysterious woman behind it — appealing to so many? Anne Helen …

Enya interviewed on BBC Breakfast

Enya looked lovely today morning when she appeared on BBC Breakfast to promote Dark Sky Island. Unfortunately, we learnt nothing new as the interviewers asked her exactly the same questions as ever...

Lyrics and notes for Dark Sky Island

Dark Sky Island lyrics and notes are now online. I transcribed lyrics for the 11 songs found on the standard edition, bonus tracks will follow soon. If you copy them without giving credit, a chorus of alleluias will get …

Filming of Echoes in Rain with Wired Strings

‘Echoes in the Rain’ is the second video that Wired Strings have filmed with Enya this Autumn. Filmed in the ‘Speech Room’ at Harrow School, the video features Wired Strings and the choir from the Royal College of Music. The …

@showbizjamie on Instagram: Been catching up with this lovely lady. Can't believe it's been 7 years since the last time! New album #darkskyisland is out now. Watch our exclusive chat about that on @thetodayshow next week.

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Latest videos

Enya: The Humming
The Humming

November 2015

Enya: So I Could Find My Way
So I Could Find My Way

November 2015

Enya: Echoes in Rain
Echoes in Rain

October 2015

Enya: Introduction to Dark Sky Island
Enya: Dark Sky Island

October 2015


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