Album version 3:50 English 1991

Liner notes

I remember her face. She told of how she had been an evacuee during the Second World War. As she told her story she began to cry like the girl she had been half a century ago. The pain of her separation from her parents registered with immediacy on her face. As a child she could not understand why she had to leave them, and the effect of this had stayed with her. The only hope she had as a child was a promise that they would all be together again. notes by Roma Ryan
Shepherd Moons music book, 1991

Quotes about the song

‘Evacuee’ draws from a mix of darker images. "Well, this is based in London in the Blitz during the war," reveals Enya. She and Roma were moved by a documentary they saw about the bombing of London and a little girl recounting the story of her separation from and subsequent reunion with her parents. "While she was relating this story, she still felt this moment and started to cry, and myself and Roma felt very strongly about this. Therefore, when I played the melody to Roma, the melody then became ‘Evacuee’ and it’s about this little girl at the train station saying goodbye and waiting until it’s all over."
Jazziz Magazine, 1992


Each time on my leaving home
I run back to my mother’s arms,
one last hold and then it’s over.

Watching me, you know I cry,
you wave a kiss to say goodbye.
Feel the sky fall down upon me!

All I am,
a child with promises.
All I have
are miles full of promises of home.

If only I could stay with you,
my train moves on, you’re gone from view,
now I must wait until it’s over.

All I am,
a child with promises.
All I have
are miles full of promises of home.

Days will pass, your words to me,
it seems so long, eternity,
but I must wait until it’s over.

lyrics by Roma Ryan
EMI Music Publishing Ltd, 1991