Less than a Pearl

"…yet there is one sound that is not their own and which their hearts yearn to have. It is the sound of the Song of the Loxians. It is a sound that awakens in Valley-dwellers a strange feeling, one they cannot know yet one that is more familiar to them than their own heartbeat. And it awakens in the hearts of all the Valley-dwellers a longing that brings them to the edge of tears, because it is the song of both the beginning and the end…"


The word Amarantine I have used in the song Flora’s secret. In that song the word was spelt a little differently. Then, it signified the colour purple and the eyes of a flower looking up to heavens.

In this song, Amarantine means "everlasting".

It is a song about love.

It’s in the rain

A small oasis. A harbour. A haven.

The sound of the rain can soothe the mond. Quiet moments of reflection and imagination.

If I could be where you are

This is a song of sadness, for how else can one describe such sorrow? Not knowing where a loved one is, not knowing how they are, not knowing how to find them.

They are the missing.

The River Sings

This song is one of the trilogy of songs which come from the book "Water shows the hidden heart" and is written in the Loxian language. It is a song in which people send their words out into the night. It is a song expressing their quest to discover if they are alone in the universe and wonder if they will ever find other life within the vastness of space.

Long Long Journey

Faraway places. Oceans. Other lands.

Yet all the heart wants is to be home. This is a song about that journey home, no matter how far that journey is. For what are miles across the ocean to the heart that’s coming home?


The lyrics are inspired by a hokku by the Japanese poet Basho, which was written while he was travelling to Otsu, in which he says that on his way through the mountain road his heart leapt at the sight of a wild violet.

I am sure we have all experienced an intense moment when we are moved by some part of nature.

Perhaps an epiphany.

Perhaps it is a celebration of life.

Perhaps just a moment that is ours alone.

Someone said goodbye

Everywhere life happens to everyone.

Sometimes, when the day is over, reflection might bring saddest times to mind. This song is about those feelings.

A Moment Lost

Words written in the sand disappear with the day, as the waves wash in and erase them. But words given to us in anger or in spite, particularly by one whom we loveve, etch themselves into the hidden corners of the heart and burn. They do not disappear with he day, but find themselves echoed in the night until other words come, to heal, to comfort, to restore love.

This is a song of regret about words uttered, and a song of love about words which are forgiven.

Amid the falling snow

And the air was filled with feathers…

It recalls the moment when you are first mesmerized by the falling snow as a child, remembering the wonder experienced as a child, particularly the magic of Christmastide. And there are those who even as they grow older are still able to experience the wonder of snow.

Water shows the hidden heart

This is a song telling the story of a man who is looking for whom he loves and hast lost. It desribes his emotional journey in images – cities, islands, valleys. memories and emotions take a physical form, a visualization. The lyric itself is adapted from a book of the same name which describes these places, this journey.

"…he looks into the eyes of the water and sees his own eyes, looking. They reflect everything, these waters, even the hidden heart."

liner notes by Roma Ryan
EMI Publishing Ltd, 2005