Enya in short to get you started

Enya, 2006

Who is Enya?

Enya (Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin) is an Irish singer, instrumentalist and composer well-known for her multi-layered sound. With more than 75 million albums sold, she is Ireland’s best-selling solo artist.

What are her best songs?

The general public knows her best for her first number one hit Orinoco Flow aka Sail Away, the 9/11 anthemn Only Time and The Fellowship of the Ring end-credits song May It Be. On the other hand, my favourite songs are Exile, Wild Child (vocal up), Caribbean Blue, and Aníron.

Nicky’s influences were the Beach Boys and Phil Spector. He had all these wonderful ideas about layering the vocals. With Roma’s understanding of Irish myth and my background in classical music, the possibility of melding all these influences was very exciting to me. Enya, 2000

Who does she work with?

“Enya” represents a partnership between three people: Enya herself, her lyricist Roma Ryan and her producer Nicky Ryan. They have been working together since the early 1980s and Enya often says that without Nicky and Roma “Enya” wouldn’t exist.

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