‘The Very Best of Enya’ is Enya’s second best of compilation after ‘Paint the Sky with Stars’ released in 1997. The original release date was set to 16 November 2009 but later postponed by a week.

There are three distinct versions:

  • STANDARD: cd with 18 tracks
  • LIMITED: cd+dvd with 22 tracks, 13 music videos and 2 documentaries
  • COLLECTOR’S: box-set including the cd+dvd, special 12″x12″ hardcover booklet and Orinoco Flow picture vinyl

Release Dates

Enya illustration
  • 20 Nov 2009: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland
  • 23 Nov 2009: worldwide
  • 24 Nov 2009: USA
  • 02 Dec 2009: Japan




The cover for the new release was first published by Roma Ryan on Enya’s official forum Unity. Later, a new modified version appeared on Amazon.


The album booklet contains many great photos and notes. The content depends on the edition you get:

  • CD edition: article by Niall Stokes (short version)
  • CD/DVD edition: articles by Niall Stokes, Enya, Roma and Nicky (short versions)
  • Collector’s edition: articles by Niall Stokes, Enya, Roma and Nicky (long versions) + image of Roma’s handwritten lyrics

The Very Best of Enya Collector's Edition

The collector’s edition booklet


Lettering for the album was done by a British lettering artist and illustrator Ruth Rowland.

Only time, calligraphy by Ruth Rowloands

I was thrilled when asked to work on the booklet for The Very Best of Enya album, a wonderful retrospective of her musical career spanning 20 years released this Christmas by Warner Records. The commission involved hand lettering key lyrics for the CD which were then dropped over these sumptuous photographs by Simon Fowler. A very collectible Limited Edition Box Set of deluxe CD/DVD and 12" vinyl picture disc has also been released in which all the lyrics are hand lettered. Her original logo has been retained and my hand lettering used as a visual link throughout the inside of the booklet.Ruth Rowland, ruthrowland.blogspot.com, 2009


CD-only Standard Edition

Orinoco Flow *
Aniron (previously unreleased version)
Storms in Africa *
Caribbean Blue *
Book of Days *
The Celts *
Only Time
Wild Child
Water Shows The Hidden Heart
Anywhere Is *
Cursum Perficio *
Aldebaran *
Trains and Winter Rains
Watermark *
Boadicea *
A Day Without Rain
May It Be

Total running time 64:43
* newly remastered tracks

Japanese bonus tracks: To Go Beyond (Part II), Only If…, Dreams Are More Precious USA bonus track: Oíche Chiúin (chorale)

CD/DVD Limited Edition

The Very Best of Enya Special Edition

CD Tracklisting

Trains and Winter Rains
My! My! Time Flies!
Stars and Midnight Blue
The River Sings
If I Could Be Where You Are
Wild Child
Only Time
Flora’s Secret
Fallen Embers
One By One
Pax Deorum *
Athair ar Neamh *
Anywhere Is *
Orinoco Flow *
Watermark *
Boadicea *
May It Be
Caribbean Blue *
Aniron (previously unreleased version)

* newly remastered tracks

DVD Tracklisting

Orinoco Flow
Caribbean Blue
Only Time
The Celts
Trains and Winter Rains
Evening Falls
Anywhere Is
It’s In The Rain
Wild Child
Only If
Storms In Africa
On My Way Home
Enya – A Life In Music
Caribbean Blue – The Making Of The Video
Only Time – The Making Of The Video

Collector’s Edition

A wonderful item containg the cd+dvd discs together with a 12" Orinoco Flow picture vinyl and a 24 page 12″ hard-back book. There are two different pressings as the book pages in the first pressing were not attached properly.

The Very Best of Enya Collector's Edition


All vocals by Enya
Arranged by Enya and Nicky Ryan
Engineered by Nicky Ryan

Digital Technical Advisor: Daniel Polley
Master cut by Beetham of 360° Mastering, London
Art Direction and Design by Peacock
Photography by Simon Fowler, David Scheinmann, Russel Young and Max Adelman
Lettering by Ruth Rowland
Published By EMI Music Publishing Ltd.