The great majority of Enya’s catalogue is available on her studio albums. However, if you’ve already heard all of them, you might like to have a look at the non-album material. Most of the tracks featured here were released on singles, sometimes multiple times. Some also appeared in collections as bonus material, so they are not hard to find. There’s only a very small number of titles that are difficult (=expensive) to get.


Heart of this list, songs and instrumentals available exclusively on singles and collections. ‘As Baile,’ ‘Midnight Blue,’ and ‘Oíche Chiún’ were later reworked and released under different names.

  • As Baile
  • Eclipse
  • I May Not Awaken
  • Isobella
  • Midnight Blue
  • Morning Glory
  • Oíche Chiún
  • Oriel Window
  • ‘S Fagaim Mo Bhaile
  • Song of The Sandman (Lullaby)
  • The Comb of the Winds
  • The Spaghetti Western Theme from The Celts
  • The Promise

Christmas songs

Four songs released in winter 2006 on the ‘Amarantine Christmas Edition,’ ‘Christmas Secrets’ EP and ‘The Sounds of the Season’ EP. They were intended to become part of a full-length Christmas album but the recording took a different shape and became ‘And Winter Came…’

  • Adeste, Fideles
  • Christmas Secrets
  • The Magic of the Night
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Edits and remixes

Alternative versions of singles produced to be more radio-friendly than the originals. Edits are shortened versions, remixes are more upbeat and ‘Storms in Africa (Part II)’ is both of those plus translated to English.

  • Amarantine (Single Version)
  • Anywhere Is (Edit)
  • Boadicea (Edit)
  • Caribbean Blue (Edit)
  • It’s in the Rain (Radio Version)
  • May It Be (Edit)
  • On My Way Home (Remix)
  • Only Time (Remix)
  • Orinoco Flow (Edit)
  • Storms in Africa (Part II)
  • Wild Child (Radio Edit)

Best-of exclusives

Tracks featured on Enya’s best of compilations.

  • Only If… – Paint the Sky with Stars
  • Paint the Sky with Stars – Paint the Sky with Stars
  • Aníron (I Desire) – The Very Best of Enya

Lord of the Rings exclusives

Tracks released on the movie soundtrack.

  • Aníron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen)
  • May It Be (Album Version)

Online exclusives

A fiftieth-anniversary song available from Amazon and iTunes.

  • Miraculum

Promo-only versions

Alternative versions that didn’t make it to a commercial release. Expensive to get due to limited number of pressings available.

  • Only If You Want To – Japanese promo "The Best of Enya"
  • Wild Child (Vocal up) – American promo single
  • Someone Said Goodbye (Remix) – American promo single

Out-of-print songs

Songs that were replaced by newer versions on subsequent releases.

  • Book of Days (Gaelic version) – some pressings of Shepherd Moons
  • Portrait (Short version) – ENYA

The Gaelic ‘Book of Days’ can be a bit tricky to find as it was replaced by its English version from mid-1992 onwards. Only a few countries kept the original version, notably Taiwan, Japan and Brazil. As for Germany and the US, you’ll have to look at the cd’s WEA number. (See the official Enya discography for the respective numbers.)

Touch Travel exclusives

Tracks featured on a 1984 cassette compilation released before Enya became famous.

  • An Ghaoth ón Ghrian (The Solar Wind)
  • Miss Clare Remembers (Early version)

Unreleased tracks from The Celts documentary

These tracks have never been released on cd. You can hear them only on ‘The Celts – Rich Traditions & Ancient Myths’ dvd.

  • Episode 1: Severed Head; Sword Fight
  • Episode 2: Untitled (Over Scarecrow); Deserted House
  • Episode 3: Fairy Tale I; Morrighan; Severed Head; Untitled; Fairy Tale II + III
  • Episode 5: Untitled (Over Funerary Cart)
  • Episode 6: Seaside Ditty; Third Man; Untitled; Irish Piece; Deserted House