Enya’s songwriting process
-a short explanation of why it takes so long

I prefer to record everything myself.Enya getting straight to the point

All you hear on Enya’s albums is just Enya: she composes the music and performs all the vocals herself. The typical trademark ‘choir of one’ sound is achieved by layering her voice up to hundreds of times. The vocals are not sampled, she sings everything live. Apart from some exceptions, Enya also performs all the instruments. She uses mainly piano and synthesisers.

What inspires her?

Writing every song is a little journey. It’s everything. It’s the walk you take in the morning, it’s the night before, the meeting with people, landscapes, the chats, all of that evolves in some way into melody, but I’m not sure how it’s going to happen. I’m dealing with the unknown all the time and that is exciting. Enya

Is it still fun?

That moment where I write a melody is still a very exciting moment, and I never get tired of that. And when I write a melody, I sit back and think ‘This is why I do what I do,’ because I love that moment so much. It’s worth it. Enya over ten years ago, let’s hope she’s still so enthusiastic