Album version 2:26 Instrumental 1988

Liner notes

…the line of separation…the impression…
…the rising…the mark left…
notes by Roma Ryan
A Box of Dreams, 1997

Has the night taken from you
the one who loves you?
No. Love is forever.
In your eyes is the sadness of one
who remembers their loss.
Love will not leave you.
Love does not fall under a name or
the mark on a page.
Love is unencumbered,
it’s free and it’s pure and it’s brave.
In your heart is the island
where memories wash on the shore.
Love is an ocean.
Has the night taken from you
the one who belongs to you?
No. Love is forever.

The title of the track from the album "Watermark" was inspired by a poem I had written at that time. It remained as a poem and was not adapted for lyric. This is the first time the poem has been in print. The track was later used for the tribute album for Princess Diana, the proceeds of which went to the memorial fund set up in her name.
notes by Roma Ryan
Only Time: The Collection, 2002

With “Watermark” [the title] came from a poem I had written. The rhythm of the poem actually seem to flow with the melody that Enya and Nicky had written and arranged, but we still felt the piece was meant to be an instrumental, so we never adapted the poem to lyric.
notes by Roma Ryan
Roma’s book @, 2005