Album version 3:11 Instrumental 1988

Liner notes

This track was titled even as it was written. The title expresses all that Enya wanted to say about this piece.
notes by Roma Ryan
Only Time: The Collection, 2002

Quotes about the song

Nicky Ryan: “The piece ‘River’ — when I heard that I just thought, let’s call this River because that’s what it conjured for me. Now if Enya was thinking something else, she’s got priority but she liked the idea, so it became ‘River’. It’s whatever vibe the music gives you.”
Going with the Flow, Hot Press, 1988

Nicky Ryan: “Enya has this way of playing that makes a sound move. Like on River…there are five synths Midi’d but then she plays chords over these random arpeggiators with notes popping in and out where you don’t expect them. Somehow she makes that work…”
Watermark Recording Process, The Music Magazine, 1989,