The site’s back with a new lil’ bit wintery design, yay!

White Is in the Winter Night will be released on November 4 as a digital download. You can listen to a sample and pre-order on

Enya’s launching And Winter Came tomorrow night in Berlin. She’s also scheduled to appear on German TV show Leute Heute on Tuesday (ZDF, 17:45-18:00).

Enya, Roma and Nicky talk about the new album, you can watch the EPK on or YouTube (part 1, part 2).

Top 40 Charts published a short article on Trains and Winter Trains. Enya said: “I find traveling by train gives you time to think and reflect. The rhythm of a train journey is particularly soothing; it allows you to listen to your thoughts, even plan the future, and daydream especially.” Also the gloves in the music video hold a special special significance for her: “I remember wearing gloves for the first time when I left home for College. They were my Mother’s gloves, and a source of comfort. For me, singing the lyric, I put my own memories into it.

Release dates:

  • November 7: France (*happy times*), Germany, Ireland, Benelux
  • November 8: Australia
  • November 10: rest of Europe, South America
  • November 11: US, Canada