The Grammy Awards video masterlist

Last weekend, Enya visited LA to attend the Grammy Awards ceremony and gave a fair share of interviews, which I compiled into this list to keep you going until her next appearance. As you probably know already, her album Dark

Enya on Christmas Carols from Cork

Enya appeared on RTÉ’s one-hour Christmas Carols from Cork TV special, performing three songs and briefly chatting to the host Mary Kennedy. The performance was pre-recorded in November 2016 in the historic Honan Chapel at University College Cork (UCC). Like …

Enya interviewed by Radio Berlin

Enya was interviewed by Jürgen Jürgens for his ‘Hey Music’ show on Radio Berlin.…

Even in the Shadows Interview

Collecting Enya: The Celts – Rich Traditions and Ancient Myths

The Celts: Rich Traditions and Ancient Myths

I guess that you have already heard about the 1987 documentary series that brought Enya’s first solo album. The story goes that the BBC producer Tony McAuley told Roma that they were looking for several “Celtic” composers to write music …

Collecting Enya: Video documentaries

Today, I will talk about Enya video documentaries as promised. There are just a handful so it should be easy to get them all, right? Haha!…

Collecting Enya: Music videos

So you’d like to get Enya’s music videos as well? Obtaining all the videos of your favourite Irish lass is unfortunately not as easy as it might seem. For some mysterious reason (I’d say copyright issues but who knows), there …

You can never have enough Enya pictures

Our little gallery is slowly growing and now contains 1625 pictures. The newest photos are always first: Amarantine (thanks to Elizabeth), Shepherd Moons, Watermark, Tokyo.

Special mention for the pictures from The Very Best of Enya Collector’s

Exclusive interview with Enya on Eurochannel

Finally a first sight of a promotial activity! Eurochannel wil broadcast an exclusive interview and video clips of Enya on January 10th at 8pm. Soon, Eurochannel will also organize a contest with limited editions of The very best of Enya …

The Very Best of Enya: Promo video

Warner Music Norway upladed a promo video for the new release.…

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