Video transcript

"The title for the new album is called ‘Dark Sky Island.’ It refers to the Island of Sark that’s in the Channel Islands and it’s the first island that was designated a dark sky area.

We take so long to put an album together that it’s important to us to give ourselves the time in the studio, but it’s meant that we had never really taken a break from the studio, a proper break. So when we finished ‘And Winter Came…,’ we felt it was time to leave the studio for a while.

There’s a stage within working on the album that you feel you have to commit yourself to a release date. Eventually, you’re going to cross the T, dot the I, and this is this is going to finally be finished so there is an element of excitement. The work in the studio is quite intense and to then get feedback that there are people waiting to hear the music, it’s something lovely to bring to the studio with you." -Enya