I worked hard to migrate “Out of the Blue” to WordPress so visitors could leave comments under posts and talk about Enya. I’ve never ever imagined what it would turn into. If things continue to escalate, all comments will be moderated before being displayed on the site. The great majority of comments are OK and I am very happy to read them but some posters obviously mistake this site for a school playground.

In other news, the gallery is temporarily closed down because the website traffic has exploded with the release of the new album. I don’t think it will survive more than a week :/ I haven’t decided yet whether I want to move to a more expensive webhosting plan as I’d have to keep it even after things undoubtelly calm down. I’ve had fun administrating this site over the years but it’s just a hobby and I don’t want it to get even more expensive than it is now.

Not to finish on a sour note, I’ll share Enya’s promo photos for ‘Dark Sky Island’ soon. While waiting, feel free to read the new press release by Warner Music. If you can’t display their file properly, just convert it to pdf.