The man accused of stalking singer Enya has gone missing, a judge has been told.

Gardai have been ordered to arrest the alleged stalker after he failed to turn
up in court on the charges.

Only recently on The Late Late Show, Enya told of the toll being the victim of
a stalker in the past has taken on her.

Roger Jones (62) is alleged to be the latest in a line of men to terrorise the
reclusive singer/songwriter at her Dalkey castle. He failed to appear at Dun
Laoghaire Court to answer the charge. Gardai claim that Roger Jones harassed
Enya (47) at her home between March and July last year.

He was expected to appear in court this week but it has now emerged that he
was only last seen before Christmas.

The development is likely to cause grave concern for the millionaire singer
who has been the victim of several stalkers in the past.

In 2005, she was forced to hide in a panic room for several hours after a man
broke into her home and in 1997 an Italian man stabbed himself outside her
parents’ pub in Donegal.

The State Solicitor told the court that Roger Jones is registered as an
out-patient with Newcastle Hospital in Co Wicklow, and is required to attend
the hospital a number of times each week.

The court heard that Garda Declan Hartley checked Jones’ attendance at
out-patient services with hospital administrators and the defendant has not
attended at the hospital since December 23 last.

The charge against Jones says that he stalked the singer, whose real name is
Eithne Brennan, on unknown dates between March 5 and July 30 last year.

The court previously heard that Jones, with an address at Grand Parade, West
Hoe, Plymouth, in the UK, spent part of November and December 2008 as an
involuntary patient in Newcastle Hospital, but discharged himself from the
hospital in mid-December.

He was living in a homeless shelter on James Street, Dublin 8.

Defence solicitor Ronnie Lynam said that he had no instructions from his


He said there are a number of medical reports on file for Jones. The
defendant’s fitness to plead still needs to be resolved.

Judge Clare Leonard said Jones is not attending hospital for his medical
appointments and she had no choice but to issue a bench warrant.

It has been reported that Enya has spent more than €250,000 on her personal
security after several incidents dating back over a decade

In a rare interview last October, she said: “Anyone in the street can have a
stalker. It’s not because I’m famous, but because I’m more private than most

In 2005, a man broke into her castle, tied up a maid and then went looking for
the singer.

Terrified Enya was forced to lock herself into a panic room and sound an alarm
before waiting for two agonising hours until the intruder fled.


A week later, another prowler broke into the grounds |but failed to get into
the building.

In 1997, an Italian man with a picture of Enya tied around his neck walked
trance-like around Dublin before eventually stabbing himself outside the pub
in Donegal owned by Enya’s parents

After the break-ins, Enya set up systems to protect herself. “Now, when I
start getting letters, I have to go to the police and say this person is
going to cause problems, and that’s it,” she explained.

Eimear Cotter and Kevin Doyle
Irish Herald | March 6, 2009