Music superstar Enya was overjoyed last night after her elderly mother survived a life-saving operation.

The singer kept a two-week vigil by Baba Brennan’s bedside after the 80-year-old had vital heart surgery.

And the reclusive star, who made a 12,000-mile mercy dash from Australia to be with her stricken mum, was delighted when Baba made a dramatic recovery.

Doctors at the Blackrock clinic in South Dublin were so satisfied with her progress they allowed her to be discharged.

Baba is now recovering with Enya, her Clannad sister Moya and Baba’s husband Leo by her side at the family home in Dore, Co Donegal.

A source close to the 44-year-old singer revealed: Enya was completely shaken up by this – it was a real shock.

She was preparing for a nice family Christmas and then her mum took a turn for the worse and had to be rushed into surgery. Thank God the operation went well and Enya visited her regularly in the hospital and made sure she was fine.

The next few weeks are going to be critical but Baba has made a great recovery and is in good spirits.

She was home in time for Christmas and the whole family have been with her.

A worker at the family pub Leo’s Tavern, which is owned by Enya’s father, said: Baba is up on her feet now which is fantastic.

She is taking it easy at the family home and she’s had loads of visitors.

Everyone in the area is really concerned and wishing her well and we’re thrilled at the improvement she has made.

A friend of the family added: Baba is such a lively person and everyone was very worried when she went in for surgery.

There has been a steady procession of visitors to her home since she got back from hospital.

Everyone is pitching in to look after her but she’s a very strong and lively woman and doesn’t like too much fuss around her.

Enya had been in Australia promoting her new album Amarantine when Baba took ill.

But she has put all her recording and work commitments on the shelf to concentrate on her mum.

She is making regular trips to the house and making sure she gets the best medical and professional care.

The Mirror (UK): 31 December 2005
Paul Martin