The love-crazed fan stalking pop star Enya has been banned for life from setting foot in her family pub.

The 31-year-old Italian visited her parents’ bar and was taken away by local cops after he stabbed himself in the street.

He had earlier spent the afternoon staring at a poster of the singer on the wall, without even buying a drink.


He told punters in the pub in Gweedore, Co Donegal that he was going to marry the star and then left.

He returned pretending to be a Norwegian fan, but a drinker recognised him and he was told to leave.

Enya’s brother Bartley said: “We were half expecting him back again. He sent several letters, and in one of them asked us to have apint of Guinness waiting for him.”

The family can’t get a court order barring the love-sick fan unless he does something wrong in the pub or visits their houses.

They thought he had left the country and were shocked to hear he was still in Dublin.

The fan moved to Ireland a year ago to be near Enya.

He recorded an album of love songs dedicated to her and sent her a proposal of marriage.

Friends of the singer said she has been upset by the fan and was keeping a low profile.

The Mirror (London, England) | Apr 17, 1996
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