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Throughout her long career, Enya made a lot of stunning music videos. My favourite ones are Caribbean Blue (I fell in love with it when I was four and saw it on tv), Only Time (the imagery is just so beautiful) and Wild Child (there's a cat! I need no more). I also have a soft spot for It's in the Rain because of the special effects and I Want Tomorrow because Enya is totally punk and blows up a car. Oh yes, she does!

Making of

I am very involved as far as like how I am portrayed. How the song is portrayed is very important to me. There is a stage where you do storyboards and you read the storyboards and you go 'no, this isn't suited' or 'no, I am not happy to do that' ... but once I am happy with the storyboard, happy with the costumes and the people that are surrounding me, then I sit back and let the director worry and enjoy it. -Enya for CBS Sunday Morning, 2001


Most of Enya's videos are filmed in a studio, because she finds filming on location too time-consuming. For example, the forest featured in the 'Amarantine' video was digitally painted by Charles Darby. But there are exceptions, 'The Celts' was filmed in Bodhaim Castle, England, 'How Can I Keep From Singing?' in Poison Glen, Ireland and 'Only If...' in Mentmore Towers, England. For more information, read the complete list of Enya video locations.

'The Celts' video was inspired by 'The Lady of Shalott' by John William Waterhouse


Both 'Caribbean Blue' and 'Anywhere Is' nod to works of the American painter and illustrator Maxfield Parrish. 'The Celts' was inspired by 'The Lady of Shalott' by John William Waterhouse and 'On My Way Home' briefly refers to 'Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose' by John Singer Sargent.

How to buy

The best way to get Enya's videos is to purchase the cd/dvd edition of 'The Very Best of Enya'. The dvd includes a selection of 13 music videos and 3 documentaries. The pre-Watermark videos are available on 'The Celts - Rich Traditions & Ancient Myths' dvd.


Here you can find links to Enya's official music videos. Click on the thumbnail to play.

Enya: Trains and Winter Rains

Trains and Winter Rains
November 2008

Enya: It's in the rain

It's in the rain
April 2006

Enya: Amarantine

November 2005

Enya: May It Be

May It Be
January 2002

Enya: Wild Child

Wild Child
March 2001

Enya: Only Time

Only Time
October 2000

Enya: Only If...

Only If...
December 1997

Enya: On My Way Home

On My Way Home
December 1996

Enya: Anywhere Is

Anywhere Is
November 1995

Enya: The Celts

The Celts

Enya: Book of Days

Book of Days
November 1992

Enya: How Can I Keep From Singing?

How Can I Keep From Singing?
December 1991

Enya: Caribbean Blue

Caribbean Blue
October 1991

Enya: Exile


Enya: Storms in Africa

Storms in Africa (II)
June 1989

Enya: Evening Falls...

Evening Falls...
December 1988

Enya: Orinoco Flow

Orinoco Flow
October 1988

If you cannot watch the videos due to regional restrictions, you might try:

Enya's official website
Enya's official Youtube channel
Enya's official DailyMotion channel

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