Do you know you look like Enya?

I’m sure you’ll all love this laid back interview with Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2. Listen to it online (fast-forward to 1:38). And don’t forget to watch Enya’s performance of Trains and Winter Rains on ‘Children in Need’ fundraiser …

And Interviews Came

There’s been a lot going on lately, so let’s take it slowly and start with the interviews:

Madrid press conference

Photos from the album launch in Berlin: ShowBiz, AEDT …so cute, aren’t they?

Enya presented And Winter Came today in Hotel Palace de Madrid. Watch a short video and read an article (it’s in Spanish, but you can easily …

White is in the Winter Night

The site’s back with a new lil’ bit wintery design, yay!

White Is in the Winter Night will be released on November 4 as a digital download. You can listen to a sample and pre-order on

Enya’s launching …

My, My, Time Flies! 29 more days!

Lots of things’ve been happening lately: Enya launched her new album at Two Temple Place in London and was interviewed by The Telegraph. I hope the revelation about Loxian won’t break your heart, lovelies. There’s going to be a …

Cargo trains rolling by…

Even if you missed Trains and Winter Rains radio premiere, you can listen to the song on the BBC website. Go to BBC 2 – Wake up to Wogan and fast-forward the Monday show to 1:44. I am in love …

Train and Winter Rains radio premiere

Some great news from Terry Wogan will play Trains and Winter Rains on his morning programme ‘Wake up to Wogan’ at 9.10 am (GMT) on Monday 29th September 2008. The show is available online.

I can’t wait …

Trains and Winter Rains

I can’t believe I’m getting news on the upcoming album from a Slovak music newsletter, but apparently it’s true. The first single for And Winter Came is named Trains and Winter Rains and is going to be released to the

Happy Christmas Show interview

+ a video of Norika Fujiwara interviewing Enya

All the best in the New Year!…

Happy Christmas Show video

A video Enya’s performance of Adeste, Fideles and Only Time at Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin recorded for Panasonic’s Christmas Show

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas :)…

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