Album version 2:43 Instrumental 1995

Liner notes

Enya photoIt has been told that the path to the tea-house was one of a copse of summer trees, a wave of the sea, the pale evening moon. The trees, the sea, the moon evoked old dreams and the tea-house represented an oasis where the traveller could find peace. On entering through the low door, one could hear the song of water echo the distant sea or the sound of the rain in a bamboo forest. The tea-house was a place of repose and one in which the harmony of nature pervaded.
notes by Roma Ryan
The Memory of Trees promotional box, 1995

Sometimes a piece just speaks for itself and it is very obvious, such as the title “Tea House Moon”. It is used in the same way we use “Harvest Moon” or “Hunters Moon”, which are descriptive of a period of time. “Tea House” from the feel of the piece, the fact that Tea ceremonies in Japan are slow, reflective times.
notes by Roma Ryan
Roma’s book @, 2005