Album version 3:30 Instrumental/Vocalisation 1987/1992
Single version 3:28 Instrumental/Vocalisation 2005

Liner notes

Boadicea, or Boudicca, meaning Victorious, was Queen of the Iceni tribe of East Anglia. She led a rebellion in 60 A.D. against the Romans, destroying the cities of Colchester, St. Albans and capturing London. She was eventually defeated by the Romans, and rather than be humiliated by them, she poisoned herself.

notes by Roma Ryan
The Celts album booklet, 1992

Trivia – Sampling

1996 The Fugees sampled ‘Boadicea’ without Enya’s prior permission on the track ‘Ready or Not’ featured on their debut album ‘The Score’ and were consequently sued by WEA. Their label Sony agreed to add a sticker to all existing copies of ‘The Score’ with the words: "We are very grateful to Enya for her kindness and consideration in allowing us of her track ‘Boadicea,’ from her album The Celts, which appears on the title ‘Ready or Not,’ which was used initially without her permission." and she dropped the lawsuit

2004 Mario Winans sampled ‘Boadicea’ on his hit single ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ from the album ‘Hurt No More’, but this time Enya was properly credited. The Pirates sampled Mario’s song, (therefore also ‘Boadicea’) on their response to ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ titled
‘You Should Really Know’. In the same year, ‘Boadicea’ (with ‘Ready or Not’) was also sampled by Nina Sky for their single ‘Time to Go’.

2008 Italian hardstyle DJ Francesco Zeta’s sampled ‘Boadicea’ on his song ‘Fairyland’.

2011 A small sample of ‘Boadicea’ was used by Cassandra Steenin on her song ‘Der erste Winter’.

2012 A hip-hop artist Meek Mill sampled ‘Boadicea’ on his mixtape Dreamchasers 2 on a song named after the Fugees’ song ‘Ready or Not’.