Album version 3:42 English 2000

Liner notes

In the helter skelter of life it is good for the heart and the soul to have a lazy day. One where you make time to dream, to consider, to meditate, to reflect. When simply to be is enough. When we do not worry about the moments that cause us such concern and distress, but enjoy the moment as it is. Whether summer or winter, whether watching the corn moving in the wind, or a single red balloon floating skywards.
notes by Roma Ryan
Only Time: The Collection, 2002

Quotes about the song

Enya: "Lazy Days is quite uptempo, yes. That is something that has evolved, a positiveness within the melody, quite a bit of rhythm within the string section more so than other albums. Lazy Days and Wild Child have a positive kind of beat to them. It’s basically a song about taking a day to chill out; it’s important at the pace we go at this stage, when we’re focused too much on work, it’s important to take a lazy day."
No Rain, No Gain, BMG Music, 2000


Lazy old day
rolling away
dreaming the day away
don’t want to go
now that I’m in the flow
crazy amazing day

One red balloon
floats to the moon
just let it fly away
I only know
that I’m longing to go
back to my lazy day

And how it sings and how it sighs
and how it never stays
And how it rings and how it cries
and how it sails away.. away…away….

lyrics by Roma Ryan
EMI Music Publishing Ltd, 2000