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Notes on ’The Forge of the Angels‘

It begins with Aldebaran, that red-giant, that eye of Taurus. A human migration passes by this great star on its way to a new home-world. It is a future in which Aldebaran, the follower, still exists. It is a future when humankind is leaving its first home, earth.

Their ships are called ‘Angels’ and they forge ahead, past this point in the heavens that was so recognizable to them from their earth-sky patterns of constellations.

This star-journey ends for them in the shape of a new home-world, another earth-like planet. From here, are born the Loxian songs, each song a fragment of their history, a history which is now partially lost to them.

The Loxians are our descendants. We are their lost ancestry. Yet, they keep one thing in common with us. The eternal search for answers and explanations, both of their beginning and of their end, their reason to be and if, in fact, they are alone in the universe.

“Aldebaran” begins this journey.

“The forge of the Angels” continues it.

“Less than a pearl” and “The river sings” both reflect the inquiry of the Loxians.

“Water shows the Hidden heart” captures memories of earth; one man’s story — his journey through grief, and how his emotions are portrayed.

“The Loxian Gates” reminisces on the beauty of the seasons of the earth they left behind, and tells of their own seasons. it reminds the Loxians that life should be appreciated as it is lived, for the journey is as important as the final destination.Roma Ryan, Warner Music promotional booklet
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The Forge of the Angels Loxian lyrics

Phonetic transcription of the Loxian script

`day o um day o um
day o um day o um ay o um
ee o rhay a rhay menemmay
a day rhay da rhay dayee
o phen ayla may ayee ayee
a ay rhayee o ay
ee o ay dada ay ayoay dadanay
dadanay o nay o nay
ee o ay ahay menemmay
o rhay moay
ee o ay a menemmay
ee o ay ee o ay

English translation of the Loxian

Always wondering what came before the beginning
Always wondering what comes after the end
But one must first love their journey through the stars for,
though the night may seem forever,
the first stars have already gone…

lyrics by Roma Ryan
Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd
phonetic transcription by Versatis