Album version 4:25 English 2008

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Roma Ryan: ‘Dreams are more Precious’, I would describe it as a lullaby, a Christmas lullaby. The title comes from the line ‘dreams are more precious than gold.’ The dreams are not dreams a mother would have for her child of success or that you are dreaming during the night and it’s just you are churning over the events of the day. It’s more inner strength, awareness of others, the qualities that you would associate with Christmas, spirituality, these are the true dreams I think.

And Winter Came EPK, 2008
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Enya with Nakama Yukie and Rio Kase of TV drama series Arifureta Kiseki

‘Dreams Are More Precious’ was used as the theme for Fuji TV’s Japanese network drama ‘Arifureta Kiseki’ starring Nakama Yukie and Rio Kase. The first episode aired on January 8, 2009.




The song was released as download-only on 10 October 2009. A one-track promotional single was later released in Japan to promote the song’s use in Arifureta Kiseki.



Venue Date Details
Kohaku Uta Gassen (bradcast live from Ireland to Japan) Dec 31, 2008 Lip-synced



Come! See! High above.
Come! See! High in the heavens
a new star shining bright;
out of the darkness comes a light.

Come! Hear midnight chimes.
Come! Hear bells that are ringing
and from some distant shore
sounds of a journey echo on.

This is the night,
they say,
everyone wants a dream.
This is the night,
they say,
nothing is as it seems.

Come! Sleep! Close your eyes.
Come! Sleep! Give me your sorrow
and I’ll keep watch for you
until the dawn is breaking through,
until the morning wakens you.

Come! Dream through the night.
Come! Dream, and then tomorrow
you’ll see your heart will know
dreams are more precious than gold.
Dreams are more precious than gold.
Dreams are more precious than gold.

lyrics by Roma Ryan
EMI Music Publishing Ltd, 2008