Album version 3:09 English 2005

Liner notes

Illustration by Roma Ryan
Words written in the sand disappear with the day, as the
waves wash in and erase them. But words given to us in
anger or in spite, particularly by one whom we loveve, etch
themselves into the hidden corners of the heart and burn.
They do not disappear with he day, but find themselves
echoed in the night until other words come, to heal, to
comfort, to restore love.

This is a song of regret about words uttered, and
a song of love about words which are forgiven.
notes and illustration by Roma Ryan
Amarantine promotional box, 2005


It’s only now, when words are said
that break my heart in two,
I wonder how you can endure
all I’ve said, all I say to you.

How strong, how brave, how true of you
to bear the hurt I gave.
I know it tears your heart in two;
all I’ve said, all I say to you.

After all the words are said,
after all the dreams we made;
ev’ry one a precious one,
ev’ry one a summer sun…

A moment lost, forever gone,
can never be again,
so know how much it means to me;
all you said,
all you gave,
all your love to me.

lyrics by Roma Ryan
EMI Music Publishing Ltd, 2005