Enya is three people – Roma, Nicky and myself. We have worked together since the beginning, and the road through our musical history has been an exciting and fulfilling journey for us all. It has been filled with magic, and part of that magic are the words Roma writes for us. When we embarked on “Amarantine” our sixth album, in September 2003, I had no idea I would be singing not only in Japanese but in a language created by Roma, which she calls Loxian. In order to give both substance and reason to the language, Roma created her own world for the “Loxians”. This world is contained within these pages and it was from this story that three of the songs on “Amarantine” took shape. I have always loved Roma’s lyrics, I cannot imagine my music without her words. She writes my voice. I sing her heart. Nicky makes everything possible. I love this story. Although it may seem to belong to the world of the fabulist, for me it also combines a sense of reality with the emotional. It brings us closer to the way Roma thinks as lyricist, poet and storyteller.

text by Enya from Water Shows the Hidden Heart
Valley-Dwellers, 2005