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Ireland’s Enya on How Life by the Sea Influenced Her Music

One of the Emerald Isle’s best-known singers recalls her Celtic upbringing in coastal Gaoth Dobhair

Irish singer-songwriter Enya Brennan, 54, known professionally as Enya, is one of the world’s best-selling recording artists and has won four Grammy Awards. Her latest

Enya recalls a special day that would change her life forever

It was a hot and sultry summers day when I stepped down from the bus which had taken me from Milford Loretto College to my home in Ghaodobhair, County Donegal. I had just turned seventeen and It was the last …

Around The World In 300 Days

When Enya’s Watermark was released last September, few outside her closest associates could have predicted the runaway success which would ensue. To date, the album has clocked up worldwide sales of over 3 million copies with the Orinoco Flow single …

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