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I Am Singer-Songwriter, Musician, and Producer Enya – Ask Me Anything!

Hi Reddit! This is Enya – I’m here to chat with you guys about anything – my music, my life, so let’s get started!

Autumn-Moon: What made you want to come to Reddit to do this AMA?

Our Digital guy …

An Interview With Enya: She Moves In Mysterious Ways

When Enya released Watermark in 1988, it WAS the beginning of one of the most remarkable chapters in the story of Irish music. With Nicky Ryan and Roma Ryan ever-present as collaborators, 80 million album sales and dozens of awards

Space Celts & A Voyage Into The Avant-Garde: Enya Interviewed

Thought Enya was naff? Think again, says Luke Turner as he speaks to Enya and argues that her music is some of the most successful avant-garde pop of all time…

The Keys to Enya’s Kingdom

Over the course of three decades and 80 million records sold, Enya has morphed into more than musician: She’s her own adjective. What makes her music — and the mysterious woman behind it — appealing to so many? Anne Helen …

‘Personal File: ENYA’ aka ‘Do parsnips scream when you chop them?’

Full name

Enya Nibhraonain. It’s Gaelic – the "Ni" bit means "only daughter of" and the other bit is "Brennan", so it means "only daughter of Brennan". There are only some parts of Ireland where people actually speak Irish fluently …

The Invisible Superstar

Her real name is Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, one of nine children born to a couple who ran a pub in Ireland. Today, Enya lives in a castle and has mammoth record sales, yet she is private, almost reclusive. William Langley

Enya recalls a special day that would change her life forever

It was a hot and sultry summers day when I stepped down from the bus which had taken me from Milford Loretto College to my home in Ghaodobhair, County Donegal. I had just turned seventeen and It was the last …

Celtic songbird

It’s a nerve-racking, soul-searching business making music to soothe the world. You’d think that 70 million album sales, four Grammys, an Oscar nomination and a legion of fans would make the creative process easier. No so for Enya.

Every time …

The Very Best of Enya Detailed Enya Biography

It is one of the most extraordinary stories in contemporary music. Very few people would have seen the potential fully, when a young slip of a girl from Donegal, on the remote north western tip of Ireland, by the name …

Tea with the FT: She’s a princess, sort of

I am due to take tea with one of the world’s most successful recording artists at 3pm but at 3.05pm there is no sign of her in the Dorchester’s tea room and I am shuffling anxiously in the foyer, wondering …

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