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Howling Gael

Her fans often don’t know what she’s singing but, writes John Aizlewood, she outsells U2, anyway … On ya, Enya.

Castles are so Enya that she has purchased one herself, Ayesha Castle in Killiney, south Dublin. On one side she …

Enya: Memory, Myth & Melody

The Druids of Celtic history are named for dru-vid (or derw-ydd), Welsh for “oak-knowledge,” since the people of this ancient culture worshipped the woodlands as the eternal source of earthly wisdom. And like Merlin of Arthurian legend, Druid priests made …

Enya Spends ‘A Day Without Rain’

Enya takes a deep, cleansing breath before she speaks. It’s the end of a long, arduous day of preparation for the Nov. 21 (US) release of “A Day Without Rain”, her first album in five years, and she’s admittedly feeling …

Enya’s first studio album in some years was released

The most private of women of the music world has quietly sold 64 million albums, and A Day Without Rain did not disappoint. A location shoot in her hometown of Dublin with photographer Sheila Rock was a break from the …

Enya: The Facts

Enya – one of the world’s most accomplished female artists – returns with a new single, “Only Time,” and her first new studio album in five years, A Day Without Rain. With a global following and sales in the …

Enya releases her latest album “A Day Without Rain”

Irish singer and composer Enya has released a new album called ‘A Day Without Rain.’ The new album will satisfy her many fans who have grown to love the mystical, Celtic quality of her music.

Enya’s music has an ethereal …

A Day Without Rain

Five years since her last album and Enya produces a new one with all of thirty-seven minutes of fresh material. It isn’t exactly what you’d call an excess of productivity.

The delicate instrumental title track that opens A Day Without …

A Day without Rain Press Release

Enya releases her eagerly anticipated new album A Day Without Rain. The 11-track recording was composed by Enya, produced by Nicky Ryan and with lyrics from Roma Ryan.

Of A Day Without Rain Enya says, “The title

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