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Enya Enchants With New Winter Melody ‘Trains and Winter Rains’

Enya’s first single “Trains and Winter Rains” from her new album ‘And Winter Came’ enchants with imagery of stormy winter skies and nighttime journeys. Visit to watch the video.

Lyricist Roma Ryan’s evocative imagery of a train ride was …

AERA English

ENYA: I find that being successful doesn’t make it any easier to write a melody, you know, that you have written so many albums doesn’t make it easy to go in. So I have to forget the success and the …

Celtic songbird

It’s a nerve-racking, soul-searching business making music to soothe the world. You’d think that 70 million album sales, four Grammys, an Oscar nomination and a legion of fans would make the creative process easier. No so for Enya.

Every time …

Enya celebrates ‘Winter’

NEW YORK (CNN) — Enya is an anomaly. Think about it: How many recording artists have enjoyed 20 years of success while never having toured?

“The fans are very, very loyal,” says the Irish chanteuse. “They’re always saying, ‘When is …

Enya takes charts by storm

Enya’s album And Winter Came has taken the charts by storm all over the world, going Top 20 in no less than 21 countries, in its first three weeks on release.

Her highest chart placing to date is in the …

Music Week – Enya

Two decades on from her global solo breakthrough single, Enya continues to hold the music world in thrall with her unique style. On the eve of the release of new album And Winter Came, Christopher Barrett catches up with the …

New Album For Enya

ENYA, the Donegal-born singer who has sold 70 million records worldwide to become Ireland’s best selling artist, revealed this week that a new album is on the way. She is also in discussions with promoters to perform a number of …

Queen of the castle

Famously, when she signed a record deal 20 years ago, Enya had two demands — no interference and no deadlines.

She has now sold 70 million albums worldwide and those requirements are still met.

Enya, 47, born Eithne Ni Bhraonian, …

Enya pays tribute to Jimmy Faulkner on new album

Enya’s new album And Winter Came will pay tribute to the late, great Irish guitarist Jimmy Faulkner in a track entitled ‘My, My, Time Flies’.

The track was the last one recorded for the highly anticipated record And Winter Came, …

Enya talks about her new album, And Winter Came


The story of Enya has all the makings of an ancient Irish legend, involving heroes and villains, sorcery, and at its heart a mystery: how does this publicity-shy singer sell millions of records while hardly ever leaving her castle?

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