I decided to write a short article since this week marks both Orinoco Flow’s 25th anniversary and this site’s 10th birthday. I didn’t have to go too far for inspiration since I found this post waiting in my WIP folder. It seems that when I made a poll about what you wanted to read about a year ago, you picked nifty promos. I hope that you still want to read about them, even after this very Enyalike delay.

So here is a completely subjective selection of releases from my collection that do not contain any exclusive tracks, nor are super-rare but look very good. Collected just for their looks. Shallow collecting at its best ;)

Beautiful Cover Design


And Winter Came Sampler

This lovely UK promotional sampler presents five Christmassy songs from Enya’s winter album. Not only is it housed in a cardsleeve (I love cardsleeves!), but the cover is also extremely pretty. Even though it was love on first sight, my quest for the sampler was rather long. I actually completely forgot about the cd for 3 years and then when I finally found a copy on eBay, I forgot to bid on it…twice. So if you want to get yourself one I recommend eBay, a bit of patience and a working brain. Copies go for about 10 EUR including shipping.

Clever Packaging


The Very Best of Enya European Sampler

Another fine UK promo, the TVBOE sampler is wrapped in a lovely cardboard flower. When you remove the sticker, you can open the petals and get to the cd housed inside. I love the idea and just wonder if it is a nod to Enya’s skirt on the very best of cover, the everlasting Amarantine flower or both.

There is also a Korean version that includes an identical tracklist but the cd is packaged in an ordinary plastic slimcase instead. You can get it as a bonus to the Korean TVBOE but it is a lot less fun.

Great Photography


If I Could Be Where You Are Japanese Promo

My third choice for today comes from Japan. This cd includes just one track, ‘If I could be where you are’ that would later appear on the ‘Songs for Japan’ charitative compilation. I bought the promo purely for the lovely artwork. Sealed copies still show up on eBay from time to time, mine used to be one of them but I thought that the inlay looked too good to be missed (and scanned).

If I Could Be Where You Are Japanese PromoIf I Could Be Where You Are Japanese Promo