Presenter: Now, Irish songstress, Enya, will be releasing her long awaited new album, Amarantine, this week; her first for five years. Emma caught up with Enya to hear all about it.

Emma Crosby: Enya, thank you for finding the time to talk to us on Sky News on your new album launch.

Enya: You’re very welcome.

Emma: It’s been five years; a long time coming. Tell us about the album; are you happy with it ?

Enya: It’s five years, but certainly not in the making of the album because I was working on other projects like Lord of the Rings, and for this album it’s two years, just over two years, and it’s usually that length of time that I like, you know, to take in the studio.

1st clip of Amarantine video begins

Enya: Time is what is important to me to listen and, sort of, decide is this, you know, the rendering I want of the melody because the melodies for me, is a very, sort of, slow process, in, sort of, writing them, and then after that everything is to enhance that melody. So I, kind of, like to take the slow process.

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Emma: Would you say that your personality lies within the music that you produce ?

Enya: Well, to go back to, sort of, putting a melody together, it is, to me like, “What are the influences ?”, I’m asked, and I have to say that, in general, it is to do with life; it’s to do with a wonderful moment; it’s to do with a landscape. All these influences kind of come with me to the studio and putting the music together is, it’s kind of like looking for an emotional sort of feeling that you’re trying to, sort of, express within that melody.

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Enya: With my first album, Watermark, with the success of Watermark, that I found that when I went in to work on Shepherd Moons, that it was important to forget the success aspect of it and concentrate on the music; just to concentrate on what I want to sort of achieve musically; and I do that so well, hence, it’s kind of always like my first album.

3rd clip of Amarantine video begins

I’m listening back now to the finished album. I am very, sort of, happy with, you know, the putting together, the slow process, and then when I listen to it I think, yes, I’m happy with the end result.

Sky News Sunrise Interview – November 2005
Transcribed by Stepheas