Enya – one of the world’s most accomplished female artists – returns with a new single, “Only Time,” and her first new studio album in five years, A Day Without Rain. With a global following and sales in the stratosphere, quite simply, the facts about Enya speak for themselves:

¨ Enya is one of the world’s best-known female artists of the ’90’s, having sold an astonishing 50 million albums worldwide. She ranks alongside Cher, Tina Turner, Madonna and Whitney Houston in total sales.

¨ Enya made her WEA debut in 1988 with the universally acclaimed album Watermark, which has passed 10 million sales worldwide, and has gone platinum in 14 different countries.

¨ “Orinoco Flow,” taken from Watermark, was a hit in every country in which it was released.

¨ The follow-up album, Shepherd Moons was even more successful, selling an amazing 11 million copies worldwide.

¨ She has been nominated for four Grammy Awards, winning The Best New Age Album for Shepherd Moons in 1992 and for The Memory Of Trees in 1996.

¨ In 1997, Enya released a ‘Best Of…’ collection entitled Paint The Sky With Stars, which featured two new tracks. Selling 8.5 million copies worldwide, the album took Enya’s total world album sales to 44 million, including 3.5 million in the UK and over 12 million in the U.S. Paint The Sky With Stars is perennially in the top 100 catalogue albums in the U.S.

¨ These massive sales have propelled Enya to the position of Ireland’s best-selling solo artist ever.

¨ Her music first came to prominence after appearing in the major BBC TV series The Celts. Since then Enya’s music has since graced several major films, including L.A. Story, Green Card, the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman film Far And Away and Martin Scorcese’s Age Of Innocence.

¨ Although fronted by Enya, the music released under her name is the result of a collaboration between Enya, producer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan.

Enya has previously stated that without any one of them, ‘Enya’ could not exist.

¨ With 50 million albums sold since 1988’s Watermark, this means that Enya has sold an average of over 10,000 albums per day. That works out to about 12 copies during the time it takes to read these facts.

Reprise Records: 10/2000