Irish singer and composer Enya has released a new album called ‘A Day Without Rain.’ The new album will satisfy her many fans who have grown to love the mystical, Celtic quality of her music.

Enya’s music has an ethereal quality to it, transcending borders, formulas and definitions and mesmerizing listeners across the globe. It has been defined as an eclectic blend of of folk melodies, synthesized backdrops and classical motifs.

Enya says that her creative process is an evolutionary one. “When I go to a studio to write a melody, I’m not sure weather going to be, If it’s going to be in Gaelic, if it’s going to be in English, if it’s going to be an instrumental. I basically go to the studio and it’s like having a blank canvas.”

She first made an impact in 1988 with the release of Watermark, featuring the hit single “Orinoco Flow.” Now, with two Grammys under her belt, and album sales exceeding $44 million (USD) Enya ranks alongside Madonna, Cher and Tina Turner in total sales.

Despite her international fame, the creative drive within her is often brought out in moments of solitude and isolation. “I can go into a church when there’s nobody there and sit there and it’s a very therapeutic and calming moment you know, and I think that I capture that moment and them it seems t evolve, that very sort of beautiful moment can evolve within the music, you know, for me.”

The latest album, “A Day Without Rain”, is her first studio album since “Memory of Trees”, released five years ago. Enya says she has spent the majority of the last five years spent working on the album. As all the vocals and harmonies are composed by her, the process takes much longer.

Her eleven track album is a refreshing antidote to superstar pop, a cathedral of sound with songs ranging from brooding and intense to romantic and melodious. To date, Enya hasn’t performed her music live, but hints at a possible concert in the near future.

Reuters: 15 Dec, 2000