ENYA is ready to turn her luxury castle into a fortress – and is only stopping short of installing a drawbridge and moat.

The multi-millionaire has applied for permission allowing a radical security overhaul of her stunning home in upmarket Kiliney, Co Dublin.

The intensely private singer, 43, wants to add cast iron railings and granite bollards at Manderley Castle, as well as covering up gaps in the wall.

When she gets the go-ahead, it will be the third time in just eight years that the former Clanad singer has fortified her home in the posh seaside suburb.

In an application to An Bord Pleanala Enya, real name Eithne Brennan, asked for the erection of 45cm cast iron railings to flank the walls of the property.

She also hopes to alter the existing gates and place a cast iron structure on top.

She plans to install three retractable granite bollards which will guard the distance between the entrance bay and front of the gates.

And while her home is a Grade A listed building, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has already privately given the proposals the go-ahead.

She bought the then- Ayesha Castle for EUR3million in 1997 – outbidding Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley at auction.

The Mirror | 2 May 2005