ENYA has given a pounds 20,000 gift to a sick toddler to help get him a life-saving heart op.

The superstar was touched by the story of 23-month-old Connor Saxby who is on a waiting list for a vital operation to mend the hole in his heart.

Connor’s parents Bernie and Mark say they are desperately trying to get an operation for their child.

Mark said last night: “We are absolutely over the moon because this came totally out of the blue.

“We want to meet her if we can.

“For one person to come up with that sort of money is fantastic. We will be her number one fan now and forever.

“It is so wrong that children like Connor have to wait for these type of operations due to beds closing because there are not enough nurses in the country.

“There is a two-tier system of health care in Ireland but this type of medical help should be available without having vast amounts of money.”

The Mirror (London, England) | Sep 9, 2000
Kelleher, Lynne