Enya’s first single “Trains and Winter Rains” from her new album ‘And Winter Came’ enchants with imagery of stormy winter skies and nighttime journeys. Visit http://enya.com/videos.php?vid=tawr to watch the video.

Lyricist Roma Ryan’s evocative imagery of a train ride was a perfect match for the holiday tune. Explains Enya: “I find traveling by train gives you time to think and reflect. The rhythm of a train journey is particularly soothing; it allows you to listen to your thoughts, even plan the future, and daydream especially.”

The gloves in the music video hold a special special significance for Enya: “I remember wearing gloves for the first time when I left home for College. They were my Mother’s gloves, and a source of comfort. For me, singing the lyric, I put my own memories into it.”

The song is at once towering and intimate, a sound that Enya’s longtime producer and creative partner Nicky Ryan achieves with his “choir of one,” a technique that has Enya performing multi-layered vocals to create a sea of harmonies.

‘And Winter Came’ will be released Nov. 11 on Reprise Records- the seventh disc in Enya’s unparalleled career which has seen over 70 million albums sold, four Grammy awards, and an Oscar nomination. The second single “White is In The Winter Night’ is shipping to radio in the U.S. now.

Top40 Charts, Shore Fire Media | 31/10/2008