It’s been five years since we’ve heard from Enya, the enchanting Irish singer whose angelic voice always takes me on my own far and away adventures through experiencing Enya’s stories unveiled in song, music and lyricist Roma Ryan’s vision.

Amarantine, Enya’s new album continues that journey with Enya’s recognizable and timeless style throughout the album and the songs “Less than a pearl”, Amarantine” and “It’s in the rain” are among my favorites, classics I believe them to be already.

Enya’s Amarantine is like coming home and seeing an old friend whom you haven’t seen in a long time, but all the memories of that person come flooding back with happiness and comfortableness.

Amarantine is the welcome return of Enya, a gifted singer whom I’ve been a fan of ever since discovering the album Shepherd Moons.

Enya’s unique sound, and beautiful spirit comes sailing through effortlessly and beautifully in Amarantine. A perfect gift for the holidays, or any day really.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8.5

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