Working on the Christmas EP for Target was a very special project, because few years back, many years back I recorded Silent Night – Oiche Chiun as it’s known in Gaelic, my first language being Gealic. When we recorded this, it was very successful, and we had thought a lot about at some stage doing a Christmas album. So therefore, we were very excited when we were approached by Target to work on the EP for the Christmas songs.

I enjoy Christmas, very much. It’s a time of excitement, it’s a time of family, get together, and it has that magical feeling that people enjoy.

When I was young I would be involved in the church choir, and it became very important to me, when I was away at boarding school, to come home and be with my family. And then we would all attend Midnight Mass, and to participate in singing all those wonderful hymns, I enjoyed it so much. That was the beginning of Christmas for me, at Midnight Mass.

I have to say I was very excited to be invited to perform at The Rockefeller Center with the lighting of the Christmas trees and to perform for NBC, because firstly, I love Christmas, and New York is a beautiful city at Christmastime. I’ve been there several times, and The Rockefeller Center is so beautiful, that’s where the tree is, so I am very excited about my performance with the show.

NBC | November 9, 2006
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